The ONLY Car Device That Protects Your Eyes From Harsh Sun & Works With Any Car, Finally In Nigeria!

We all know how harsh and blinding Naija sun can be, especially as we enter the harmattan/dry season. You’ve all waited for a solution so long, and it’s finally here. Battle Visor is specially formulated to help reduce the glare of sunlight in your face while driving.

Many drivers around the world have testified to the power of this Battle Visor and how it has helped make their life easier. And for the first time ever, this product is finally coming to Nigeria.

So, what is Battle Visor?

Battle Visor is the all-new device that protects your eyes from harsh, glaring sun and gives you perfect vision on the road. Battle Visor use atomic clarification technology that blocks blue rays and cuts harsh glare so you can safely see what is on the road ahead.

BattleVisor protects your eyes from harsh glare and bright light from the sun and lets you see in high definition with the utmost clarity. You have enough to worry about while driving, so why worry about the sun? BattleVisor lets you see the whole road clearly. Get the ultimate eye protection in your car with BattleVisor.

The sun visor is very easy to install – simply slip it over your existing car sun visor. There’s no tools required and no complicated installation.

Works on all vehicles and installs in seconds for perfect vision when you hit the road. The see-through design blocks the sun but not the road. Includes sun spot blocker. Durable construction. Made in the USA.

What makes Battle Visor so Powerful?

✓ Gives your eye protection from harsh glare and bright light

✓ Transparent design lets you see entire roadway without any fuss

✓ See the road with clarity and in high-definition

✓ Super-easy to install – slips over existing car visor

✓ Fits most types of vehicles

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Battle Visor - Sunlight & Glare Protector

Old Price: N12,000

But because we’re launching in Nigeria for the first time, we’re giving out a huge discount to our first entry customers. In view of that, we have slashed the price more than 10%.

The promo price is now:

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