The ONLY Leg Pillow That Provides Relief To The Legs, Finally In Nigeria!

When you’re sitting or standing all day, your legs swell and hurt. You want relief fast! Chances are you’ve searched how to reduce swelling in feet. Luckily, there’s an easy solution.

Leg Ramp™ leg pillow is a super-comfortable way to elevate your feet for fast relief while you relax. The pillow is designed to improve blood flow in the legs. Unlike uncomfortable piles of pillows, Leg Ramp™ leg pillow is ergonomically designed with you in mind. It contours to the shape of your legs for the ultimate comfort. Simply fill it with the included air pump.

Leg Ramp™ is perfect for swollen legs, too! When you’re ready to put Leg Ramp™ away, just deflate and store flat in your drawer or closet. Isn’t it time you gave your legs a rest with Leg Ramp™?

leg ramp

Precise Angle

The secret is in the precise angle of elevation designed for ultimate comfort and maximum benefit, contouring perfectly to the shape of your legs.

Inflatable Wedge Pillow

Use the included air pump to inflate Leg Ramp. When you no longer need your legs or feet elevated, simply deflate and store.


Lay on the floor and elevate your legs with Leg Ramp for relief of sciatica, cramps, hip pain, back pain, and more!

What makes Leg Ramp Pillow so wonderful?

✓ Helps improve blood flow

✓ Works to reduce swelling & pain

✓ Designed with comfort in mind

✓ Soft, comfortable suede-like exterior

✓ Inflates to a full-size leg pillow

✓ Deflates easily for storage and travel

✓ Great for achy backs, leg swelling, vein problems, and more

✓ Ergonomically designed to contour to your legs

✓ Compact for travel

✓ Measures 24-in L X 25-in W X 12.5-in H

✓ Includes Leg Ramp™ leg pillow and fast fill air pump

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Leg Ramp - The Fast Relief Leg Pillow

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