Our Partners

Perfect Mall Nigeria is steadily making connections with the top names in the industry. We’re currently partnered with some of the big guys in the payment processing sector and the delivery sector as well.

SECTION I: Payment Partners


GTB is a leader in global payments and a top-tier company that connects billions of consumers, thousand of financial institutions, and millions of startups. GTB helps our customers make payments online smoothly to us.


One of our favorites, Paystack brings a flavour to our online payments. They give our customers the option to pay with card, bank account, USSD and even QR (scan-to-pay). We love them for this! ❤


VoguePay’s global coverage allows anyone, anywhere to make payments to us. If Paystack doesn’t work (or is down for some reason), Voguepay is there to save the day. The simplistic checkout style and quick transaction mode enables us our customers pay us smoothly.

SECTION II: Shipping & Delivery Partners


Of course, our number one shipping and delivery partner is DHL. They’re fast, efficient and highly professional. Shipping to our customers abroad is swift, and nobody is left hanging, waiting for his/her order. At the end of the day, our customers are happy.


When it comes to local nationwide shipping, no other company comes close to GIG Logistics. With speedy deliveries, GIG Logistics ensures that our customers never have to wait. They understand our customers like their item delivered fast and they never disappoint.

Perfect Mall Nigeria continues to expand it’s horizons and we’re seeking qualified partners (both payment and shipping) to help us deliver even more innovative, effective and successful eCommerce experience to our customers.